About Us

The term 'Douzo' is a clever play on words that blends the Japanese word for 'please' or 'go ahead' with an invitation to shop with us. It's a catchy and memorable name that reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and our desire to create a welcoming and enjoyable shopping experience.

Korean music, TV shows, and fashion have gained massive popularity worldwide in recent years, and we understand that people want access to the latest and greatest products from this dynamic culture. At Douzo Korea, we aim to bridge the gap between Korean products and customers in Japan and across the globe.

We offer a purchasing service for a massive selection of trending items from Korea, ranging from K-pop albums, merchandise, beauty products, fashion items, and much more. Our team of experts ensures that we source only the best quality products from reliable Korean vendors, providing our customers with authentic products that exceed their expectations.

Douzo Korea's services include:

Custom Orders

For individuals interested in buying a product they've seen on another website or in a Korean drama, we offer a service where they can request us to purchase the item on their behalf.

Bulk Orders

We offer discounted rates on large orders for customers and foreign companies to help reduce their logistics costs. Perfect for groups, start-ups, and bulk buyers.


Dropshipping enables sellers to promote and sell Korean products locally without holding inventory, making it perfect for international dropshippers with no minimum purchase.

When Douzo Korea first started, it was a one-person operation handling customer orders. However, as the demand for Korean products grew, so did the business. Today, Douzo Korea has expanded significantly, with multiple teams dedicated to different roles, all working together to provide the best possible service to our customers.

As our business continues to grow, we remain committed to providing excellent service, high-quality products, and an enjoyable shopping experience for all our customers. Our team of dedicated professionals works hard every day to ensure that Douzo Korea remains a reliable and trustworthy source for all things Korean.

So, when you shop with us, you can be confident that you're not just getting high-quality products from Korea, but you're also getting a personalized shopping experience designed to make you feel welcome and appreciated. So go ahead and shop with us at Douzo Korea – we promise you won't be disappointed!

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